Marbles & Granites since 1922

Since 1922 we design and manufacture natural solutions using natural stone or other innovative materials with special performance characteristics. Our specialized technicians design any stone element in 3D and they realize the finished product using the latest-generation technology.

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Technology and Research

For several years now our production has changed from the sole processing of marbles and natural granites to the processing of synthetic materials, following the new needs of architects, interior design and furniture manufacturers for national and international markets. This has prompted us to adapt our machines, which are now designed to process any type of material.

Working innovative materials involves a careful study to understand “how” to work them to ensure the result that you want. This daily challenge motivates us to go the extra mile with a team effort where everyone’s contribution is crucial.

The finished product that we deliver contains an accurate work of design and realization, also through the use of numerical control machines.

Talent and promptness

In our work a very important aspect to consider is related to the intrinsic characteristics of the materials we treat, such as the weight and the bulk. To be sure that the finished product you have commissioned could fit perfectly in “its location” we simulate the placement in 3D. But it’s not just about this, because working materials like marble, also require a deep study of all the details related to transport and installation.

Not rarely we must use all our wit to place in its final location a statue, or a large kitchen top (eventually abroad or where the stairs to access the house are very narrow), or large slabs for covering the walls, when the only access way seems to be a small window on the first floor.