Marbles & Granites since 1922

Since 1922 we design and manufacture natural solutions using natural stone or other innovative materials with special performance characteristics. Our specialized technicians design any stone element in 3D and they realize the finished product using the latest-generation technology.

Calvi Ferdinando S.a.s. di Pietro Calvi Galloni & C. - Cascina Sigola - 26847 Maleo - LO - Italia
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Our company is specialized in the processing of marble, granite, natural stones and new materials providing high performance and excellent price for value.

The company Calvi Ferdinando Marmi e Graniti was founded in 1922 by the will of grandfather Giovanni, a skilled marble worker. He was a quiet and tenacious man, who for sure was not frighten by the hard daily work; he was capable of great perseverance in order to get exactly the result he was looking at.

Areas of intervention


Construction Companies and professional studios, general contractors, interior designers, furniture manufacturers for the realization of national and international construction works, such as flooring, stairs, functional and aesthetic wall coverings.


Individuals and companies for the realization of furniture for public places such as bars and restaurants, or for the realization of kitchen tops and bathroom tops.


We design and realize works for the funeral sector in marble and innovative materials that last over time.

Our core strengths

Technology and Research

For several years now our production has changed from the sole processing of marbles and natural granites to the processing of synthetic materials, following the new needs of architects, interior design and furniture manufacturers for national and international markets. This has prompted us to adapt our machines, which are now designed to process any type of material.

Customer Service

We care about our customers and we demonstrate this every day with our work and even more with the way we work